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Band coaching is a service we offer to bands of all styles and ages. If you are a teenager in a band that's getting ready for Battle of the Bands, an up and coming rock band, or adults trying to get a cover band together, band coaching is a way for you to learn the ins and outs of how to sound good together, how to play on stage, how to play to your strengths, how to arrange a setlist, etc.

Our team of professional teachers has upwards of 20 years experience playing in bands, gigging, rehearsing, and making a band sound GREAT! We would love to help you and your band get to the next level or prepare for an important show. 

Band coaching is offered as a one-time, 2 hour "rehearsal." Rehearsal space must be provided by the band, and any costs associated with space rental will be incurred by the band. 


If you are looking for more consistent coaching, like a monthly visit, or a mentor/producer type relationship, please give us a call and we can arrange something that works for you. 


(949) 705 - 7573