We offer 60 minute, one-on-one private lessons for any contemporary instrument, including vocals. Our team of amazing teachers is experienced teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a 10 year-old student who just got your first guitar or a 50 year-old student who has been playing for years, we have the skill-set and experience to guide your playing to the next level, and HAVE FUN doing it! 

What we offer



We teach acoustic or electric in any style, to any age or skill level. Whether you want to learn how to strum your acoustic or rip a shredding solo, we can guide you to your next level of playing. We recommend to hold off on guitar lessons until a student is 7 years old. Guitar is the most challenging instrument to learn at first. If you have a student who loves music and wants to learn but is under 7 years old, we recommend starting with drums or piano. 



Bass is a great instrument for kids and adults. We always say that bass is the glue to a band. Being both a harmonic and rhythmic instrument, bass ties together the sounds of the guitar and the drums in a band. If a band doesn't have a great bass player, they tend to sound really sloppy and loose. Don't let that be you! 



Keyboard or piano is a great starting instrument for young students just getting acquainted with music. At first, sounding good is easy. However, as you grow into being a great keyboard player, keys can be one of the hardest instruments to play. It requires left and right hand separation both rhythmically and harmonically. Whatever stage you are at in your keyboard playing, our teachers are fantastic at walking our students through all the ins and outs of keyboard playing step by step and at your own pace.



Drums are a great instrument to learn whether you’ve had experience playing another instrument or not. Developing a solid foundation of rhythm is an essential building block for understanding music as a whole. You will be going over things that are to be applied to the drumset (acoustic or electric) as well as practice pads, typically used to refine technique and rudimentary patterns.



Everyone needs to learn how to sing! Even the top singers in the industry take vocal lessons and have vocal teachers. Vocal lessons are a little different from other kinds of instruments because the primary instrument is your body. Everyone needs to learn how to use their body to make good vocal sounds. The vocal chords are muscles and they need to be exercised and trained properly. You wouldn't go into a gym and just start lifting weights without learning the proper way to do it. You may hurt yourself if you did that. Don't let that be you! 


FIRST LESSON FREE! Please give us a call to set up a 30 minute trial lesson for FREE!! 


1 LESSON WEEKLY = $300/month

All of our private music lessons are 60 minutes long. We believe an hour is the right amount of time for a student to grasp a new concept and work on it enough to retain the information. Shorter lessons can be arranged if need be, especially for younger students.


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