Songwriting is a skill that is crucial to being a good artist or producer. It is also a career path by itself. It is arguably the most important thing in music. An artist is only as good as his or her songs! We teach songwriting to all ages and all levels of songwriters from students who don't even know where to start and have never written a song before, to students who have been writing for years and want to get to the next level!

songwriting instruction

Songwriting instruction is very similar to a regular music lesson. It is a 60 minute lesson in which the student will learn the tools to write a great song. They will learn about melody, rhythm, song structure, etc. through analyzing hit songs over the last 60 years.

co-writing package

Our co-writing package is recommended to a student who has already gone through songwriting instruction lessons. In the co-writing package, students will write a whole song from the ground up with one of our experienced songwriting instructors.